Is Your Facebook Page Failing? Advice to Turn It Into a Sales Machine!

How To Make Money Off Of FacebookAt an estimated value of 20 Billion dollars, Facebook has dominated the Social Media Industry. Starting off quiet and delicate, Facebook now reaps a tremendous profit from its 500 million users it possesses world-wide. Due to its vast nature, Facebook should be considered in a world of its own, though commonly, people mistake it for “internet advertising”. Internet advertising is something you buy from The Ad Hound, Facebook is not internet advertising, it is Facebook advertising.Internet advertising is like fishing; you lay out your keywords and ads, and then wait for someone to bite. Whereas Facebook, there is a stealth nature where you need to coax your users into doing what you want. As soon as you recognize that concept, your business will be able to grow. You can’t get on Facebook, blast off a few marketing rounds, and expect sales to go up; instead you will scare everyone away. Think of Facebook as a room full of potential buyers, a really, really, really big room. If you are the sales rep, people are hesitant to listen, but if you can get some of the people in the room to promote you, the trust and interest will skyrocket. This is what you want to achieve.Once you do master the art of Facebook communication, you become extremely desirable, even to other businesses. Not only will the traffic to your website increase, but you can charge others to advertise on your fan page. For a reasonable fee, all you need to do is mention a different company the same way you promote yours, and let your fans chatter about it.Most companies have parted from a very pretty penny to get online, taking great pride in their company’s website. The same pride and attention should also go the same for a Facebook page. If you haven’t made a custom page, you are falling behind. Fortunately, custom Facebook pages cost far less than a website;The Ad Hound’s largest package is only $625, and the package is more than enough for the average company (source: ).Just remember that Facebook is about quality, and time. The longer you stay at it, your fan base will grow, and your value will increase. Everything you do needs to be comfortable to your users, as well as appealing.