Answers to the Question: Is Advertising on Facebook Free?

Making use of the advantages of the internet is one way to get your business going on top of the market. Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites that give business owners and companies great opportunities to advertise their products and services. People and companies who are looking for an efficient yet cost-effective way to promote their business should try using Facebook.Statistics showed that about 50% of Facebook’s 800 million registered users are online every day. This means that there is always an active community of potential customers available on Facebook. However, most of the business owners and marketers who are interested in using Facebook for advertising and marketing purposes have mind boggling question in mind-“Is Facebook advertising free?”Yes! Advertising on Facebook is free, but this is only possible if you are just going to create a fan page for your business. So how does a fan page work and why is it free? Here are the reasons why:• Creating a fan page is similar to creating a personal account on Facebook. It does not require any payment.• A fan page is like a personal account, but custom made to advertise your business which allows you to upload pictures, information, links, and other important details regarding your business products and services.• When a Facebook user clicked the “Like” button on your page, it will be automatically published on his/her profile, letting his/her other friends see your page. This is another way to advertise your business free of charge.• You can update your page for free. Keep it updated by being consistent on uploading recent data, including photos, links, and relevant information, regarding your business. These will keep your customers engaged and interested with your products and services.However, if you wish to further advertise your business, aside from that of creating a fan page, Facebook may charge you, depending on what method of advertising you wish to use.• The Cost per Click (CPC) method will charge you when a Facebook user clicks your ad.• The Cost per One Thousand Impression (CPM) method will display your ad to Facebook users’ side of the wall or news feed and the frequency of showing your advertisement depends upon the budget you have set for your ad.• When choosing between the two methods, you must consider your audiences of your advertisement and target the users who have the highest potential of clicking or viewing your ad. This will help you set up a budget for your advertisement wisely.Is advertising on Facebook free? The answers are yes and no. It will always depend on how you would like to use Facebook as a means to promote your business. Take advantage of it and opt for a free advertisement by creating a fan page. However, you can also advertise your products and services by placing and paying your ads on Facebook which will further promote your business. The choice is yours.